Peninsula Loop Reboot

Peninsula Loop Reboot - Update

Press Release: April 1, 2021
METRO pauses efforts to revamp bus routes on Portland peninsula 

  • Greater Portland METRO is pausing efforts to make changes to bus routes on the the Portland peninsula.
  • A new study, called Transit Together, will review the existing regional transit system and make recommendations for improvements.
  • The Transit Together study will incorporate the research gathered during Phase 1 and 2 of the Peninsula Loop Reboot project. 
  • No major changes are planned for METRO Routes 1 & 8 until the Transit Together study is completed.

Full Press Release -- HERE
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Peninsula Loop Reboot Planning -- PHASE 2

Public meetings were held via ZOOM on December 8, 2020 to gather input on the proposed bi-directional route, which would replace the current Route 1 and 8. Additional route changes for other METRO routes were also proposed.

Presentation of Proposed Circulator route and additional route recommendations -- HERE

Results gathered from Phase 2 public meetings, outreach, and survey -- HERE

Peninsula Loop Reboot Planning -- PHASE 1

In the summer and fall of 2019, METRO staff held public meetings, distributed surveys, and hosted multiple community outreach events to gather feedback for a new circulator route that would provide bi-directional and more frequent service.

A Task Force, comprised of stakeholders and representatives from community organizations was also formed to work with METRO to gather input. 

Results gathered from Phase 1 public meetings, outreach events, surveys --  HERE.