Route 8 in Portland's West End

Route Change in Portland's West End

Due to recent construction in Andrews Square, METRO's Route 8 needs to change its permanent route through the West End. METRO has been using Cushman Street since construction was completed, but given that local streets will need to be used to serve all the destinations in the area, we seek the neighborhood's input on the best, (or least-disruptive) route through the area. 

METRO is considering three options:

  1. Using Clark Street, turning right onto Cushman Street, and left onto Emery Street (currently in use)
    • This option would have no impact to bus stops aside from the changes already made in November 2022
    • Slight line-of-site issues at Cushman/Emery
  2. Using Clark Street, turning right onto Spruce Street, and turning left onto Emery Street.
    • This option would require a slight relocation of the stop at Emery/Spruce, but this would not have any impact on parking as the parking on Spruce Street is on the south side. 
    • May be safest option as buses would be driving on opposite side of the street from parked cars
    • Buses may have issues turning from Clark to Spruce with a vehicle parked close to the Spruce/Clark stop sign
  3. Using Clark Street, turning right onto Spring Street,  and turning left onto Emery Street. 
    • This option would require the relocation of the stop at Emery/Spruce Street, likely impacting on-street parking on Spring Street.
    • All-way stops at Spring/Clark and Spring/Emery may or may not be advantageous for bus turns

Public Meeting Date and Location

The West End Neighborhood Association (WENA) has generously put this issue on their January 11, 2023 agenda. 

Meeting Date: January 11, 2023 at 6:30 PM
Meeting Location: Reiche Community Center, 166 Brackett Street, 2nd Floor
Click here to see slides (subject to change before meeting)

Can't attend? Submit feedback here.