Maps & schedules 

  1. Schedule Changes - Effective January 24, 2021

    • No Changes: Routes 4, 7, and 8

    • New Schedule : Route 2|-- Route 2

      Minor schedule changes to:
      Routes 1, 3, 5, 9, BREEZ, and Husky Line

    • Route 1
      Weekday --Schedules have been altered after the 6:15pm trip. Times are different and two trips have been removed.

    • Route 3
      Weekday -- Removal of 6:10am inbound and 6:30pm outbound trips.

    • Route 5
      Weekday -- Removal of 6:55am inbound trip. 6:30am inbound switched to a Jetport trip. Jetport time point is 6:40am.

    • Route 9
      Weekday 9A - 
    • Removal of 9:00am and 1:00pm full trips. Westgate and Morrill's Corner columns feature time changes.
      Weekday 9B - Removal of 8:49 am trip

    • BREEZ
      Weekday - Time changed on 6:30 PM Trip.
      Saturday - New schedule after 10:30 AM

    • Husky Line
      Weekday - Removal of 8:40 pm trip and 10:10 Outbound trip.
      Saturday - Removal of 10:15 trip.

  2.  Link to 2021 Holiday Schedule

  3. Real Time Transit Tracking

    --Link to 'real time' route information and bus stops.
  4. Transit Map

  5. Husky Line
    Service between Portland, Westbrook and Gorham and between Portland and Gorham USM campuses.

  6. Route 1 - Congress Street
    Service between PTC, Congress Street, Munjoy Hill/Eastern Prom

  7. Route 2 - Forest Avenue
    Service from Downtown Portland to Prides Corner, via Forest Avenue.

  8. Route 3 - Portland - Westbrook - South Portland
    Service between Portland (Riverton), Westbrook (Hub), South Portland (Target/Maine Mall area)

  9. Route 4 - Westbrook
    Service between Portland and Westbrook via Bedford Street, Brighton Avenue, Main St. Westrook.
    Continued service to IDEXX and Hamlet.

    Route 5 - Maine Mall
    Service between Downtown Portland and South Portland with stops along Park Avenue, Outer Congress St., Jetport, Maine Mall.

    Route 7 - Falmouth
    Service between Downtown Portland and Falmouth, via Washington Ave. and Route 1 Falmouth, with service to Wal-Mart and (limited service) OceanView and Falmouth Town Landing.

  10. Route 8 - Peninsula Loop
    Portland Peninsula - West End, MMC and Mercy Hospital (State Street), Downtown Portland, Old Port,
    Casco Bay Lines, Hannaford, Marginal Way

  11. 9A/9B - N. Deering/West Falmouth
    Downtown Portland to/from North Deering, via Congress St., Stevens Ave, Allen Ave, and Washington Ave.


Express Service between Portland, Yarmouth, Freeport, and Brunswick.