How do I connect to buses, trains, or ferry service?


METRO Routes #1, #5, and #9  provide transportation to the Greyhound Bus terminal, located on the corner of St. John and Congress Streets. Passengers can connect to other METRO buses at the METRO PULSE (METRO's downtown Portland hub) in downtown Portland located at:
21 Elm Street
Portland, ME 04102


If you are taking Amtrak / Downeaster, ask for your free bus ride ticket (one way from the Portland Transportation Center-PTC) in the train's Cafe Car on  your way to Portland. If you are traveling on the DownEaster or Concord Coach, the METRO #1 can bring you in town for accommodations, dining, and shopping. Amtrak / Downeaster and Concord Coach connect to Route #1 at the PTC. Travel to downtown Portland (inbound) or connect to Route #5 (walk down Sewall Street and cross Congress Street) for outbound service to the Portland Jetport and Maine Mall shopping.


METRO #8 connects to the Old Port area and Casco Bay Ferry Terminal, providing island residents and visitors transportation throughout the Greater Portland region.

Cruise Ship Passengers

For cruise ship passengers, METRO's Route #8 provides service from the Portland Ocean Terminal and Ocean Gateway.

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