Bike Racks on Buses

All METRO buses have bike racks.

Loading Procedure

To take your bike with you, follow these steps:

  1. Remove loose items from your bike (water bottles, pumps, etc.).
  2. Inform the bus driver that you will be loading your bike. Load your bike from the curb or in front of the bus. Do not step into oncoming traffic to load your bike.
  3. Squeeze handle to release the latch, then fold down the bike rack. You only need to use one hand to unlatch and pull the bike rack down so you can hold your bike with the other hand.
  4. Lift your bike onto the bike rack, fitting wheels into proper wheel slots.
  5. Each slot is clearly labeled. Raise the support arm over the front tire.
  6. Board the bus and enjoy the ride.

Unloading Procedure

Remember to inform the driver that you will be unloading your bike as you exit the bus and follow these steps:

  1. Unload your bike from in front of the bus or from the curb and not from the street.
  2. Raise the support arm off the tire, lift your bike out of bike rack.
  3. Fold up the bike rack if there are no other bikes on the bus and no one is waiting to load a bike. The rack locks in place.

Accommodation Limits

Most METRO Buses cannot accommodate more than two bikes. Bike racks are used on a space available basis.

Further Assistance

For further assistance, watch a video on how to load your bike on the bus or view additional operational instructions (PDF).

Important Notice

Please note that loading or unloading a bicycle from the street side may cause injury or death.